Diagnostic CXR Atlas for Tuberculosis in Children – image library

Welcome to the Diagnostic CXR Atlas for Tuberculosis in Children Image Library!

This online library has been developed to provide additional training material and support health professionals, trainers and educators to build capacity and confidence among those who interpret chest X-rays (CXR) from children presenting to healthcare services in high-tuberculosis (TB) burden countries with presumed TB.

This Image Library consists of CXRs from children <15 years of age with various radiological presentations. These CXRs were chosen to illustrate the different CXR features that can be seen in children who may have TB.  More images will be added from time to time.  The images have been arranged into seven categories: uncomplicated lymph node disease, cavitary disease, complicated lymph node disease, consolidations, miliary TB, pleural effusions and other.  As it is important for healthcare workers interpreting CXRs to be able to assess the technical quality of CXRs and to recognise normal images, examples of these have also been included.

We recommend that you look through the CXR images in this Image Library after you have reviewed the Diagnostic CXR Atlas for Tuberculosis in Children – the CXRs included in this library provide additional examples of CXR features highlighted in the Atlas. You should review these CXRs while keeping in mind the algorithmic approach to CXR classification described in the Atlas, trying to look for features specific to TB and classifying them by radiological disease severity.

We believe that the Image Library and the Diagnostic CXR Atlas for Tuberculosis in Children – a guide to chest X-ray interpretation (2nd edition, 2022) are one way to strengthen TB diagnosis and treatment in children.